If you had 30 minutes to save the life of a kid, what would you do? What would you say?


This is Our Story….


The Florida Rising Stars experience is a sports academy for high school athletes and sports enthusiasts, many from underserved areas, to participate in a world-class introduction to their desired focus in the industry, tutored by some of the nation’s greatest sports celebrities and practitioners.  We are working with high school coaches and athletic directors to identify teams and other interested participants. There is no cost to the school or the student thanks to our corporate partners and donors.  


Just as there are five points on our star, there are five tracks to choose from in our half-day sports academies. What sets us apart is the opportunity for high school kids who have interest in a myriad of sports careers to gain incredible instruction from these nationally recognized celebrities, mentors, and practitioners. 


Each participant will have the opportunity to receive a fun, rewarding and educational experience, taught by the best and brightest practitioners in their chosen field -- from the Bill Patrick School of Sports Broadcasting to curriculum in sports management and marketing, sports officiating, coaching, and athletic training and sports medicine. 


And best of all, each of these tracks lead to the center of our star - “Life Lessons” imbedded in the sports industry. Our all-star cast of more than 65 ambassadors will provide unmatched instruction and pass along their personal stories of success and advice to help our participants to get a head start. 


As these young people complete the instruction provided by our amazing team in each chosen discipline, at the end of the day they will come together as one to learn how each track and each individual plays a key role in the success of the whole. They will learn the secrets to success, the dangers of drugs and alcohol and tips for sound mental and physical health.  It is a truly “Florida Rising Stars Experience.” 


We need your assistance today to ensure these deserving young people have a world class experience that just may change their lives forever. 

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